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Tailored consulting for companies regarding human rights & innovation

  • 30 minutes
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COURSE DESCRIPTION The social and legal requirement for businesses to take responsibility for their supply chain is increasing. So let’s prepare your business for social change. During this process, you and your team will proactively work on capacity building regarding Human Rights, create solutions and refine your strategy accordingly. PART 1: RISK ANALYSIS Definition: What is Human Rights due diligence for your business? What does the Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettengesetz) mean for your business? Baseline Analysis: How is my supply chain set up? Which Human Rights are most relevant in my industry? How can I ensure Human Rights compliance in my supply chain? PART 2: IDEATION & STRATEGY We introduce best practice solutions regarding Human Rights due diligence. We provide professional facilitation for your team to exchange, reflect and analyse different practices. Ideation Sprint and Co-Creation: Development of action points and prioritisation. How might we improve Human Rights principles along our supply chain? Moreover, we co-create a strategic roadmap to rapidly adjust Human Rights principles in your strategy and therefore minimise the risk of legal repercussions due to Human Rights violation. METHODOLOGY This course is individually tailored to your needs. Based on agile methods, the training is highly interactive and experience-based with inputs by the trainers as well as time for applying the concepts to real cases. Systems and Design Thinking methods are used to highlight the connections between Human Rights and Innovation. It includes all phrases of Human Rights Innovation and integrates Human Rights in an innovative way in your business and supply chain. WHO IS IT FOR? - Companies and organisations seeking to anchor a Human Rights approach within their strategic setup True change happens at the leadership level. That’s why we always collaborate closely with leaders and their teams. TIME COMMITMENT The length depends on the scope of your project. Minimum of 4 sessions.

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