Human Rights Design Sprint (Info Call)

First two phases of Human Rights Innovation: Identify & Ideate

  • 30 minutes
  • Online


COURSE DESCRIPTION Looking for a new business opportunity? A new product or service? Or for a solution for Human Rights abuse in your supply chain? The core of this sprint is to develop new ideas and radically include Human Rights. Therefore, we explore Human Rights risk and principles most relevant to your business, create great ideas and put on Human Rights goggles to validate them. The great thing about this format? You have everyone on board for the Human Rights mission, increase your collaborative work ethics and become Human Rights experts in your field! On the side you make business more social. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN - How to implement Human Rights in an innovation process - Gain a systems approach regarding the impact of your business activities - Develop and test ideas considering Human Rights in a collaborative way - Develop solutions to protect the most vulnerable in the supply chain METHODOLOGY This course combines the first two phases of Human Rights Innovation. It is highly interactive and based on the idea of co-creation. It combines the best from the worlds of Systems and Design Thinking within the framework of Human Rights. Persistent consideration of people is at the heart of this Design sprint. WHO IS IT FOR? - Businesses wanting to launch a new product, service, or feature - Organisations looking to tackle Human Rights challenges with creative and agile methods - Teams seeking to develop a rapid solution that successfully navigates red tape and roadblocks TIME COMMITMENT The length depends on your needs. Estimated time ranging from 2 to 5 days.

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