Getting There.

Hello. We’re Getting There – a creative consultancy for Human Rights and innovation. We empower you to design and implement solutions that enact real-world societal change. 



We believe that Human Rights should be at the core of decision making.


Businesses play a key role in solving today’s challenges – especially regarding Human Rights. 


That’s why we enable teams and leaders to integrate Human Rights in the innovation process.



Human Rights Innovation uses the power of Design Thinking combined with Systems Thinking to co-create solid solutions for your business. 


We bring a positive mindset, creativity, and an agile way of working – the perfect approach to seamlessly fit in with you and your team!

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Concerned about risk in your supply chain? Need a rapid adjustment of your business activities? Want to find new solutions regarding Human Rights? Lost in the jungle of evolving  legislation (Lieferkettengesetz)? 


We offer training, sprints, and strategy consulting to integrate Human Rights and innovation in your business.


Check out our Services to learn more.



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Human Rights & Innovation


Human Rights & Business


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